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Administration Buidling (after)

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  North Head Quarantine Station

This has been our largest and most complex project to date. The North Head Quarantine Station is on the National Heritage list (one below World Heritage listing) and is part of the Sydney Harbour National Park. It operated between the 1830s until 1984 and saved Sydney from the constant threat of infectious disease.

We wrote and won the tender to lease the site, scoped the development, coordinated an extensive consultation and environmental assessment process, negotiated approval conditions, formed the development budget and operating forecasts, arranged due diligence and valuations, sourced debt and equity and finalised a lease.

In 2006 we activated the lease and commenced the $18M conservation and adaptation of the site. All works were set within an extensive array of site wide plans that set down policies and procedures for minimising impacts and maximising the quality of the environment, visitor experience and business operations. 

The project included works to 65 buildings, a wharf, roads and pathways, electrical and communications upgrade, 2,000 artefacts, painted inscriptions, natural and cultural landscape.

All buildings were retained and given $4M of conservation works that covered asbestos removal and sealing, extensive carpentry, electrical, lighting and plumbing repairs, painting and cleaning. No new buildings were built and the largest outdoor works were the creation of two carparks in formerly cleared areas and a stairway where a funicular railway once operated.

The adapted buildings were given a contemporary fitout, resulting in comfortable and functional accommodation, conference, function and restaurant facilities inside their authentic buildings.

The other major part of the project was the development of new experiences that interpreted the significance of the site with a contemporary perspective and range of interactive techniques. The most substantial investment was an immersive theatre experience that told three real stories from the past and proposed one in the future. Set in two of the buildings where the stories occurred, four actors and some innovative special effects brought relevance and emotional impact to the site.

We also developed interactive storytelling tours, paranormal tours with a clairvoyant and investigation technology, and a range of school education programs.

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